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Thelema 6 CD Imported version

Thelema 6 CD Imported version

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Thelema.6 - 2007 enhanced CD reissue of the fourth studio album from 2001, featuring four bonus tracks and an enhanced video. 


  1. Antichristian Phenomenon 
  2. Act of Rebellion 
  3. Inflamed with Rage 
  4. Natural Born Philosopher 
  5. Christians to the Lions 
  6. Inauguration of Scorpio Dome 
  7. In the Garden of Dispersion 
  8. Universe Illumination (Say 'Hello' to My Demons)
  9. Vinvm Sabbati 
  10. 23 (The Youth Manifesto)
  11. Malice 
  12. Sarcofago 
  13. Hallo Space Boy From the Pagan Vastlands 
  14. Hallo Space Boy
  15. From the Pagan Vastlands 
  16.  Christians to the Lions (Enhanced Video)

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